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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Killer is going to KILL me..

Here's my lovely little doggie Killer. When we first saw him, he was barely 6 weeks old and belonged to someone else. Lucas, his original name, all 5 inches of him or so were soooo adorable. Awwwweeeeee. "What kind of doggie is he? A Miniture Pincher. "Really? Full breed? Does he have any sibilings? Any others like him for sale?" No? Awwwwwwweeeee. Shame. Fastforward 3 months. Lucas is back at my front door. This time his owner has a question. "Listen, we can't keep the dog, blah, blah, blah, would you like to buy him from me?" Ahh,sure. Deal. I got the doggie, I got the doggie! His name is now KILLER!! Went out got a book, got the dog to the vet, made it a comfty home. Aweeee,soooo cute,so cuddly.
Shortly thereafter, as with most marraiges, the love affair began to change. While Killer (my little escape artist) is still the love of our household, the 3 or so times he has managed to escape has found us wondering for hours, knocking on doors (cause we NEED him home) even though it turns out he is quite a untiring, high-jumping, yappie lil doggie. And while he does indeed make a great watch dog(Yes, really, better than any alarm you'll ever have), he is also a bundle of yap. And he does not give up! If he wants attention or has a desire to be let in the house. He will, for as long as you allow him to, jump up against the glass doors barking until you give in!! No amount of "Killer, hush, be quiet." will suffice. He is worst than any baby I ever raised!
I will admit at first I thought it was cute. "Ohhhh look. He can jump really high! Oh my and he is so determined to get what he wants. Sooo cute". But cute has now become annoying. I love my Killer, I really do. And I want him around a long, long time. Yet, all the yapping is driving me nuts....poor Killer, he doesn't even know he's making me insane.
I guess I just have to laugh...and keep on shhhhh-ushing my lil doggie Killer...what else can I do?

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