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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sleeping Crazy...

When I think of sleeping, I think of a bed.  Comfort and safety also come to mind.  And while I know not everyone gets to sleep on a bed, there are some places that just never occured to me.
 But as with such things in life, I learn something new everyday!

Recently while out for a stroll along the beach, I noticed a tree with items of clothing hung from its branches, shoes scattered about and towels spread on the ground.  At first, I thought perhaps someone placed them out to dry and simply forgot them.  However, as I got closer to the tree, it became apparent it was inhabited by someone sound asleep!!
 Even worse was the approaching lighting storm that was on it's way.  Doesn't this person know the danger of being under a tree in these conditions much less UP in the tree??

If you look carefully at this picture you will see a person wrapped in a white sheet sleeping up in the tree!
Copyright c2010-2011 Lisa's Random Photos. All rights reserved.
 Wild as it may seems, I believe someone found a way to stay out of site while catching some z's!  I can't help but wonder if the storm ever shoke them from their slumbered sleep?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy nasty rest rooms...

Nothing drives me crazier than a dirty restaurant restroom!  Slowly but surely over the years it has become a pet peeve.  A nasty restroom is sure to make me turn and run right out the door!

In my opinion, if a restaurant's restroom is filthy than surely the kitchen follows and chances are employees do not wash their hands.  I mean seriously, if they haven't had the time or initiative to clean up this very public and much used room what can I expect behind the scenes?

While I realize there are times when restaurants become overwhelmed by a sudden surge of customers, unexpected large parties or a shortage of employees it is never acceptable to ignore restroom cleanliness.  Yet many do.  This always boggles my mind.  With so many communicable diseases why would any place of business risk spreading this to it's customers?  Not to mention grossing some out to the point of killing an appetite!

Take last night for instance, friends, hubby and I decided on dinner at a much frequented and very busy Miami Beach hot spot on Lincoln Road .  A place where hundreds eat daily and one visited by us a couple of times before.  This time however, would be my last.  Not that I hadn't noticed their lack of hygiene on previous visits.  I was just hoping it was a cause and effect thing.  However, it turns out getting though my meal without vomiting would be part of  this evening.  Especially since, getting up and leaving was not an option!

My first clue came in the form of the over all smell of the restaurant.  It smelled like a giant garbage can!  Another came as I passed the kitchen tucked away next to the restroom.  The mess from the door seemed a sure sign that attention to proper food preparation was not happening.  For my sake, I tried really hard not to look but it was impossible not to wonder what it must be like in there. It almost made me afraid to go to the restroom.  And sure to almost confirm my worst fear...and my theory...

The restroom did NOT help.  It was the most disgusting, foul smelling, nasty pee pee room ever. And I do mean pee pee!  It and the smell of it everywhere but mixed in with the smell of trash.  Used toilet paper all over the floor, no soap in the dispenser.  It looked like a war zone.  Truly a big nasty mess and definitely a topic of conversation at our table.

So you say?  You've seen that before.  So have I.  Only when it's the standard, I refuse to be fed.

In this instance, the more I looked around, the more uneasy I became about eating here.  The odor of garbage crawling up and staying in my nose did nothing to help.  Then there were the counters that looked liked they haven't been properly wiped down in weeks.  And things that were being wiped down were being done so with the same rag over and over again.  Floors so greasy, women in heels had to hang on to make it across the room.  The floors were unswepted, napkins, straws, crumbs and much more scattered around.  It really made me wonder if anyone ever inspects this place. How was I suppose to eat my food?

So what you say?  Big deal.  Look, call me nuts if you like or maybe I'm just germ-a-phobic, but I'm willing to bet bugs are regulars after dark in places like this.   And while it is true that many restaurants might be just as dirty and bug ridden, they don't flaunt it.  Imagine is everything when I go out to dine!  Restaurants should keep in mind there are many of my kind.

Personally, I prefer a restaurant with clean bathrooms, the aroma of food in the air and a kitchen I can see.  How about you?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Security Camera Madness!!!!!!

Ladies...Here is a MUST KNOW about dressing rooms and store security cameras! Ever visit a "Dots" Clothing Store or Kohl's. And before you ask which location? Let me answer...ANY! If you have and if you have ever used their dressing rooms then you unwittingly have been filmed and/or have been watched through their security system! And half naked at that!!

SAY WHAT???? Yes! Yes! Yes! LOOK UP the next time you decide to use their dressing room!

See the camera?? Yup...if you can see it....then surely they can see you. FOOD for THOUGHT eh? From just about any (if not all) of their dressing rooms the security cameras are placed in areas where the dressing room is visible to them.

My most recent visit to them not only quickly reminded me about how unacceptable that is but also about how many women have probably never noticed. And most importantly, it made me wonder HOW can this MADNESS be?????? How can they get away with this??

But wait it gets better!! Seems either they can get away with it or no one is complaining. Otherwise why would this continue so blatantly?? Anyone?

Makes me wonder what goes on at those security meetings I am sure they must be having. Is the joke on us?? So please, please be advised Ladies...someone may be watching you as you innocently try on your purchases.

Now that I've ranted and raged, all I have to say is SHAME on DOTS! Shame on KOHL'S!!! My next move??? Calling Corporate...cause this isn't your average security system!

Stay tuned for an update on an issue that is making absolutely cookoo!!!

And by the way....isn't this illegal???

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the go mad.... it's not crazy enough that we start Christmas in July!!! Incredibly retail has already begun displaying their Valentine's Day merchandise! REALLY?? OMG! Am I the only one who thinks this is insane??

Don't they know it's only December 20th and that not only has Christmas NOT ARRIVED, but people are stressed to the max, tapped out to infinity and beyond a budget to remind us there will soon be more money to spend???

And so it goes....HO! HO! HO! Tis the season to go mad...

Mega Crazzzzzzzzzyyyyy

Huh? Mega store but no Mega shopping cart supply? A-yup. Marshall's. Mega store, NO MEGA shopping cart supply. Ahhhh, lets see, huge store? CHECK! good prices? CHECK!, great variety? CHECK!! Shopping carts?? Whoops..seems they MEGA forgot to provide enough per store....

I know this because no matter which Marshall's I visit, no matter the location, there always seems to be a shortage of the very essential and NECESSARY shopping cart. However and amazingly enough lots of the carts are usually taken by the store employees for stocking or restocking merchandise and they aren't always willing to put the customer first and hand them over as my tale will tell...

I arrive at Marshall's and of course, find no carts anywhere in sight. "Ok." I tell myself. "Deal with it" and hold things as best as you can." But as I make my way towards the rear of the store...low and behold a cart! And while it has some items in it, it seems abandoned. I know...I'll check out the surrounding aisle and ask anyone I see if it belongs to them. No one in any aisle, no one claiming the cart and finally after about 5 minutes or more, I gingerly claim the cart...BINGO! and proceed to empty out the items placing them neatly side by side and I stroll off with my cart. Yeeepeee! 10 minutes or so pass. I am a happy camper.

All of a sudden, directly behind me, I hear a female employee yell out very loudly "Hey! you! You with the cart!!" I look and much to my astonishment respond. "Me?", while thinking to myself, surely, it must be a mistake. But wasn't. She was now in my face and yelling... "Yes, you! You took my cart!". "What? I did no such thing, this cart was abandoned for over 5 minutes! I made sure!" Her response????? "Well, that is not my problem, I was up at the front desk busy, that is MY cart and you are going to return it to me now!!? "What? You're kidding right? I'm the customer, the reason you have a job. How am I suppose to carry my purchases around? There are no other carts anywhere." To which she replied "Well then, I guess you are going to have to do what I would have to do. GO OUT to the parking lot and retrieve one yourself!" And with that she snatched the cart from me and walked away cussing me out loudly in front of the other customers.

Now I could on and continue my tale of craziness and bore you with more details or I can just end it here by simply adding that yes, I did complain and yes, she was reprimanded..but it really doesn't matter because if you shop Marshall's like I do then you already know that the madness continues as they still have a MEGA problem with shopping carts...

Monday, December 13, 2010

I've decided to share my madness...

Hello family and friends! Welcome! Welcome to my crazy ranting! Some of you may not know this about me, but writing has been a lifelong passion. And while it has been a bit since I have taken the time to rage...I still hope you enjoy the caverns of my mind...and please feel free to leave your comments...I do so love those...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bizzare Tale of the Crushed Dog...

Tuesday, June 23rd, told and seen by one my son's...

"The Bizzare Tale of the Crushed Dog..."

Awaking to ugly and ominous skies this morning one could see the day was not exactly going to bring about sunshine any time soon...but the tales it spun were also unreal..

Reports from all around town and the effects of the storm were almost hurricane like! The damage to trees and property were pretty surprising...but none as bizzare as what I am about to tell...

High above the ground on the balconcies of one of Miami's many spectacular high rise condominuims, the wind was causing all kinds of havoc. Plants and furniture were being tossed around like paper. Way down below on the surface of the earth was a man walking his dog. Out for what one must imagine was their everyday routine only this day it would be anything but...

Unexpectedly and with no son sees a patio table being lifted up by the wind from one of the balconies way up top and ejected over the balcony...he watched as it swiftly fell to the earth...he watched as it landed...RIGHT ON TOP OF THE DOG! Splat...blood's owner devastated....poor dog....

Bizzare, very bizzare if you ask me....but also very, very lucky for the dog's owner! It could have just as easily been him....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween foods that are as much treat as they are trick...

It's over! My annual Monster Bash has concluded...and as promised, here are pictures of just some of the tasty tricks my guests were treated too! Please know that I did not create these recipes, I just simply thought up new ways to serve them up for this holiday. Most of the serving ideas are mine with the exception of one or two, like the skelton filled with "intestines". I wish I had thought of that one but I didn't and I would love to give props to whoever did! However, I did elaborate on this idea by serving it up in a coffin, adding the snake and the sign!!
I hope my love of Halloween and these pictures inspire you as I have been inspired by others to try something new for your Halloween party!

This is nothing more than spinich dip served up in a hand mold and garnished with a gummy bat. Everything but the plate and spreaders are edible!!

This is a very tasty and quickly snapped up, shrimp mold recipe garnished with a gummy snake. It was gone before it hit the table! If you are short for time, you can do like I did by making this 2 days ahead, tightly wrapping and freezing. Thawing out will take a good couple of hours.


"Pumpkin spice" and "Dates" Quick bread mixes baked in mini pumpkin molds make for a nice alternative to the dinner bun and a boo-licious treat!

"Sewer Rat Delight" (this recipe and idea are all mine!!) These bone shaped, bite size treat were made with my usual meatloaf recipe and cut out with a cookie cutter, served up on a this cute platter and garnished with a gummy rat. These can be made a day ahead and reheated the day of your party.

"Aged Intestines" served up in this rubber corpse along with a gummy snake was the hit of the party! The sausages looked gory enough but were fantastic to eat if you dared!


My twist on cheesecake!! Goblin Hearts and Yummy Mummy Brains are easy to make and great to taste. The cheesecakes have been garnished with frozen cherries, strawberries, strawberry jam and gummy spiders. These can also be made and frozen up to 5 days ahead!!

Finally, while I served up a lot of other creepy, gross foods at my bash, these witches fingers are always the talk of the party and have come to be one of the foods my guests always ask about. My recipe is just one of a million out there for this treat but over time I have learned to tweak the cookie enough to make it my own!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Truth be told...

I've been cooking and baking and baking and cooking now for a week! And while it's been crazy tiring by day's end, it's also been tons of fun. It's taken some experimenting, brave tasters and tossing of some bad batches but overall I have been able to adapt some of these recipes to get the results I wanted. Gross but yummy foods!!

And so....I've got cheesecake brains and hearts. I've got cookies that look like bloody witches fingers, decadent chocolate coffins and a kitty litter cake served up with a scoop if you've got the stomach to try this tasty treat!!

I've made a shrimp mold, a spinich dip monster hand and a cheese dip made into eyeballs that will have my guests staring them down and then some!! You'd think I was done by now but nope, there's more to cook up! I love to shock and thrill my family and friends while treating them all to deviliciously fun foods. So I'll cook and bake some more all in the name of a delightful and memorable time.

And so with my bash near and almost out of time even though my mind is racing with more ideas than I can execute, its time to get some rest!

Finally, I'll be taking pictures of all these goodies as soon as they have been proped and served up! In the meantime, here is a picture of my "Pumpkin gone Ugly" .... apparently decorating cakes is not my thing...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dinner is served. Please be seated....

Let the Monster Bash begin!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the party approaches and I have begun to prepare. I am decorating day and night, inside and out. Every spare moment in the day spent transforming my house away. I've posted pictures of what it's starting to look like around here!!
It's taken me years of collecting props and experimenting with many ideas to achieve this Monster Bash. Each new Halloween brings the excitement of making it all look different and new. Executing the entire event takes some planning and lots of energy but it always turns out to be a blast for my family and myself! I hope you enjoy my ideas. Please feel free to use some of these ideas at your own Halloween Spook-ta-cular!!!!!

Dinner for 4.

Begin my placing blood stained burlap fabric on table. Set table as creepy as you like for your headless dinner guests!

Spiders Alive!

Weave a web and add an oversized spider to any area in your home. Embellished with bats, lights and creepy music for hairy surprise!

I see you...

These eyes light up and have a mind of their own as they tell it as they see it!

Halloween Hello

Greet your guests with this very simple set up at any front door or place in any other appropriate area. The scary face in the mirror asks people to come in closer for a better look at them...until he nearly SCREAMS them to death!

Coming up next.......

Pictures of some realllllllll nasty looking but veryyyyy yummy tasting foods for the party...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love Halloween...can't you tell?

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble (or something like that!)... All I know is I've been plotting and planning my Halloween menu for my annual and most likely last monster bash. But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to share my goody list with you all!!!! Some of the recipes you may already be familiar with but rest assured I've given them some twists of my own. All of the items I serve are named and displayed using a variety of vessels in very creative ways. NOTHING says creepy food like the right presentation! So without further is my

2008 Monster Bash Menu


Eerie Eyeball (cheese) Dip
Smashed Zombie Dip served with Spooktacular Crackers
Vampire Splatter Dip served with Skin Flakes
Breaded Vomit Bites
Guts in Blood
Bizarre Brain Pate
Boo-licious Bread


Bone Crunching Bites served with Red Slimy Goop
Aged Gut Intestines
Dirty Bat Wings
Rat Sewer Delight
Black Ants & Beetles


Sinister Eyeball and Ghost Trees
Kitty Litter Cake
Witches Fingers
Death by Chocolate
Toxic Sugar
Draculas Daily Special
Madman's Pumpkin Treat
Killer Candy

TADA! Lots of food...lots of work...but I love it! I'm still working on my liquor list but one thing that is always present at my bash is my "Cursed Margarita". Served straight out of a bleeding zombie head!! Your guests won't know what to think except that they want one!!!!!!!!

Ok..that's all I have time for. If any of you want to know more about how to present, prepare or get recipes for anything on this menu and can't wait for the party pics, (I promise to post them BEFORE Halloween since my party would have happened by then) please drop me a note or comment and I will be glad to elaborate on ways to creatively serve up a super spooky and gruesome table of gross but delicious food for your guests to ooohhh and ahhhhh over! Making you the king or queen of your party for sure!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

CraZy is as CraZy does...

and so it goes.... I have begun my pre-pre-pre preparations for Halloween and I'm still looking for some tips and suggestions...but in the meantime...I've been coming up with some of my very own clever ideas and thought I'd share...

Last year, I made rats out of meatloaf. They looked spook-ta-cular and everyone cringed at the treat only to find it extra tasty. They are easy to make. If you want to know how to make this or anything else I talk about, drop me a note, I'll tell ya!

This year however, I am going to give my meatloaf a twist! I am going to cut bone and cat shaped pieces out of the meatloaf and serve on a platter around a big ole'talking rat. It's a sneaky surprise as this rat scolds my guests when they reach for a bite of this delight!

Another clever idea I've used over the years and will expand on this year is my "Crying Margarita Head" Long ago, I purchased a zoombie head with neck that sits in it's own bowl and was meant to pour out fake blood from it's eye's, ears and nose. Instead, I make my favorite margarita mix and it cry's drinks for all my guests to indulge in! A scary but tempting surprise!
This year, in addition to this favorite, I will be serving "intestines" out of a plastic skeleton. A conversation piece for sure!

Ok...back to scheming and planning I go. If you're interested, I will be posting up pictures as I go along. Two weeks or so from today, we begin to build...muahahahahahaha!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I know it's's only August...

But hey....gotta get going if the party is gonna happen. What party you ask? Why Halloween of course!! Love it. I've been doing this holiday my way for years. It all started out so innocently. A few kids, a few treats, some games. Eventually adding a front lawn cemetary and more creepy foods to eat was just natural progression. With each passing Halloween, my parties have grown larger and my creativity has soared to new heights!

The last 7 years or so I have been hosting what has now come to be a staple in my home every Halloween. At one point I opened it up to the neighborhood for a couple of years only to be amazed at how as many 300 or more stopped by and loved it! The world had spread like wildfire and everyone wanted to see! Unreal! And even though my sons are all but grown, they still insist on the party and are willing to help create our haunted house and fabulous party.
So while it is only August, October is right around the corner and the work must begin. It takes nearly 2 months to prepare and execute this event. I begin by converting an outside area of my home into a "house" of sorts (if you need ideas on how, ask me!). This is just the beggining of the bash! All guests are required to enter through this haunted house in order to enter the party. It adds the element of trick before treat and everyone loves it!! And the party?? Well that rocks!

Once inside, my guests are treated to all kinds of goodies they simply can't believe. The music, the lights, the smoke, the creepy, creepy foods (I need more ideas) all make for the best Halloween magic! Some of my guests have actually been to afraid to eat some of the foods I serve until someone else tells them how yummy it is!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, I need be a busy little bee. And while I have all kinds of goodies to incorporate this year, I would love to see if anyone has some fresh ideas out there. Anyone?? Hope to hear from ya'll....and muuuhahahahahahaha

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is crazy...

As I go about my day and help out one of my son's with his laundry, I find myself thinking just how crazy life is. One moment your children are small and life is chaotic. The next thing you know, life is still chaotic but now your son's jeans are larger than you are. What the heck? I remember well the day this child was born. He was pre-mature and fit in the palm of my hand. Matter of fact, his arm was as small as my thumb! His first clothes were purchased at Toys R Us and were Cabage Patch Doll clothes!! Nothing else fit!

And now??? Holy cow! This boy is now a man and he is a large man! I never, ever imagined it. Actually, I never gave it any thought. At 19, he is 6' and 220 lbs or so! Crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy. Some days I think it's the extra attention he got as a baby. All the extra nurioushment it took to insure his survival. My goodness, what madness in those days! How very litte he was. How much he needed. Then my brain says..."Pssstttt, hey! Remember? MOST of the men on my side are tall, tall, tall! Dad's not exactly short either and I go DUHHHHHHHH!! But still, how did he get SOOOOO big, so quick????

Going back to my chores, I am still and always amazed at life.....and so....back to doing his laundry I go....

As my mind continues to ramble...........

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tracking Fay Crazies

NEWS ALERT!!!! Tropical Storm Fay approachs South Florida! Read all about it! Read all about it!! Crazy weather, crazies everywhere! As a South Floridian I am used to hurricane season and all that it brings...but people watching during theses storms is as interesting as keeping an eye on the system itself!

As per usual, local channels are flooded with reports of the storm but one of the wildest report is the one of the surfers out at Haulover Beach! I can almost hear the surfers "Awesome waves dude!" The swells are excellent and more surfers arrive. Then more reports from the beach. The surf is gettting rougher and it's become time to close the beach. Get all the surfers out of the waters. Cut. Next story. NOW, back to the beach and a handful of surfers are still in the water but are now racing to get OUT. Crazzzzzzzyyyyy! Seems Fay's feeder bands are now too strong to surf in at all....still some surfers linger..hoping....

Flipping the channels, it is being reported that at Fort Lauderdale Beach some folks are still trying out the surf and then some! Seems one guy thought it would be really, really good weather for KITE surfing. Boy, was he wrong! A sudden gust of wind picked him up and slammed him all the way accross the street into a building! A-yup. You read it right. THUD! Right into the side of a building. Luckily "Fay" was just warning him. He's injuries were minor as he reportedly told paramedics he was ok while being transported to the hospital anyway. Coo-koo! Coo-koo!

Then there is the madness that extends beyond the beach into the suburbs of South Florida. As I set out to run an errand before the day deteriorates, I notice an obviously homeless man by the side of the road. He is shirtless, dirty and looks totally demented. He is camped out and taking shelter from the rain under a beach umbrella. All his worldly possessions in a shopping cart. He is totally out of place in this area! Hmmmmm...anyone tell him Fay is on it's way????

And it gets even nuttier. People scurry around like mice in a maze racing to gather supplies in case the storm does damage. Gathering what??? As a long time resident, I think it rather crazy not to be prepared! How can you not be! With a few simple rules I keep my insanity at a minimum during these storms. I stock and rotate water, powdered milk, instant coffee, canned goods, meds and whatever else is necessary to survive as a part of my regular grocery shopping routine. I have collected candles over the years with each passing storm and batteries are always in the drawers. Portable radios, first aid kits and generators should be staples in every South Florida home! The only thing left to do is insure a full tank of gas in the car. Not so hard! Not so necessary to break the bank and your budget. And a great way to stay out of the insane asylum at these times!

Finally, after what turns out to be a very long day of news watching and storm tracking, we are still tracking Fay and her path is not quite clear. She is doing this and she is doing that. With chances of strengthing and tornado activity threatening out night, Fay is for sure one of the craziest storms I've seen in a while.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer time is driving me bonkers already!!!!

Ahhhh sunny, so beachy hot, rainy days and school breaks! What a way to go completely bananas as I am torn between wanting to play and having to work. It's not fair I say! I don't even have time to feel's totally insane!

I wait...I NEED my peace and quiet at least for 5 minutes a day or I am one cranky contender. Nothing drives me nuttier than the inablitiy to hear the madness in my head! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the company of my teenagers and their friends. [Goodness, my food bill should have the grocers rolling out the red carpet for me!] But some days, I just want my money and my house back! Especially the money! Boy oh boy, is it me or does it cost an arm, a leg and your first born to feed growing kids these days???????

So as back to school quickly approaches, I am grateful for the memories but I sure will be happy with the extra time to I can stay out of the looney bin. Thanks for your attention and please, share your madness with me...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Marriage is not an easy thing....

IF I've said it once... I'll say it again...

"Women marry in love and men in lust and with the years, women fall out of lust and men fall in love and it takes a strong bond, true respect for each other and a sense of humor to make it through til death do us part."

Property of and Copyrighted by LisaGoesCrazy. Please do not use for any purpose without written consent. Thank you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another nail salon, another nightmare...

I don't know about you but I want pretty, healthy feet and hands especially if I am going to pay an arm and a leg to have them done!!! And since my last few experiences with nail salons were a nightmare for the most part, I thought I had given up on them. Unfortunately though, it seems my need to be groomed combined with my bad eyesight do not go hand in hand with doing my own mani's and pedi's. But even worse, with a very special occasion coming up, I really needed my hands and feet to look nice. What to do? What to do?

I know! Having noticed the opening of a brand new salon in the neighborhood, I hop in my car and off I go to see if maybe it'll be different this time. It has to be! It's new! No germs at the very least!
Well, I wasn't disappointed. Not initially anyhow. It is a beautiful salon. The owners have done an impressive job of creating an upscale nail salon with all the latest gadgets and furnishings. I must say from the tasteful decorating and lighting to the complimentary snacks, water, soda or wine, the staff is courteous and attentive. They seem to have the concept right, women seem to be streaming in and they have an edge over their competitors by offering services like a deluxe pedicure!

A deluxe what? Wow....sure! How much?? $32??? Ahhhh...well... Say what? I get to pick out my own flavored scrub? Cool. Warm towels...fantastic! A bit steap but hey, surely at these prices I'm bound to not catch any fungus or nasty something or other, RIGHT? Especially since, I have met the owners and expressed my compliments for such a nice salon, great service and I left a super excellent tip! Great! Fantastico!! Yipeeee! Happy with my mani and PEDI, I take leave, promising to be back.....

As promised, soon as my feet need another pedi, I return. Goody! This feels like a mini-spa for my aching, tired feet, I can't wait to sit down and relax. Take a load off! And I do. Once again, happy....I found a new place....I finally found a new place! HA!!! OH NO I DIDN'T!!

What I finally found was FUNGUS! A-yup!
Right under my nail. Here's where I go totally wacko! Somebody please, please, TRIPLE please, tell me, why would anyone invest such a large sum of money in a business only to lose customers due to a lack of hygene and the spread of such a nasty bug? It seems totally insane to me! Not to mention completely gross! THAT'S IT! I'M DONE! I'll get the brightest light bulb I can find and do my own freaking nails! Not only will they be healthier, but I will be richer!!
Which brings me to this....ladies...besides the nasty germs that are present in uncleaned tools and tubs, have you ever considered what else lies in those nail (drill ones too!) files that are used over and over again from customer to customer? Have you ever considered how cells are being transfered from others to you and vice versa via the bloodstream? What kind of crap are we exposing ourselves too?? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I must admit, while I had already begun my disenchantment with nail salons, THIS realization and the fungus under my toe nail is enough to keep me out all together!
Has fungus in a nail salon been an issue for you? What did you do about it? Are you done with salons???

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Alrighty now. Prompted by an article I read, I recently posted a blog regarding breakfasts and the different kinds of foods out there for this particular morning ritual. I only got (1) one comment. A very tasty one I might add. Amazing that I did not get anymore comments though. I thought for sure this post would provoke some suggestions and provide new ways to eat the first meal of the day. But, nope. Nothing. I am boggled. Yes. Boggled.

Surely there has to be as many kinds of "breakfasts" as there are cultures and countries. Isn't there? Where are they? Who is eating what? An inquiring mind wants to know....please, help quiet my brain...thank you.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To egg or not to egg....

Here's a riddle. What's crazy to some people first thing in the morning but is totally normal to others?? Tic toc, tic toc. What can it b? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Ok. Alright. I'll tell you.

THE KIND OF BREAKFAST you consume! What is the norm for you is not so for others. I first discovered this when I visited Hawaii and found they serve among other things, RICE for breakfast at McDonald's! I was surprised. I don't know why though. I grew up eating rice and fried eggs from time to time for dinner but I guess I never thought to have it for breakfast! Crazy!

And then I found an article on how different breakfast is around the world and eating in the morning has now taking on a whole new meaning! It doesn't have to be BACON & EGGS!! or PANCAKES!! Now I can opt for mmmmm....yummy, yummy "churros" with hot chocolate for dipping as they do in Spain, grilled kippers (smoked herring) and poached eggs like in Scotland or I can have my left over spagetti on toast as they do in Australia! Who knew? This has sparked a whole new madness in me. I no longer have to eat the yogurt, bagel or omelet breakfasts I have known my entire life! I can mix and match. I can use left overs! I can be in any part of the world I want to be on any morning I choose! Gotta love that!

Now I'd like to know who eats what for breakfast. Be part of my survey. I love to be educated and pass it along! I am curious to know what else is out there for breakfast and what culture it comes from. What do you eat first thing in the morning? Please feel free to comment!