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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crazy day, crazy world...

Day to day, the crazy things I hear and see are enough to send you to the looney tune bin pronto!

In recent local neighborhood buzz... old man watering lawn, gets mugged by the men with shotguns in the middle of a Saturday morning...crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy....wrong

More local news, every day in the neighborhood an old man rides his bike being careful to protect himself from the sun by doning a hat, long sleeves and pants...yet...a cigar hangs from his mouth as he puffs out smoke inbetween his pedaling...inSANEEEEEEEEEEEEEee.... AND NO they are not the same old man and NO, this is not a bad neighborhood..

Now for some real madness....there has now been a "PERFECT WOMAN" invented. Set to launch on June 11th AND to be followed by the "PERFECT MAN" coming soon! The movie "Stepford Wives" quickly comes to mind.....Creeeeeeeeeeeepppppyyyyyy crazzzzzzzzyyy!

Finally, the best kind of nuttiness I can think of, the kind that makes me laugh and maybe you too. A man, who is apparently quite broke, has decided to put one NUT! up for sale. Asking bid: US $5000.00. Seems that this kind of mental illness believes one nut is better than two especailly if the other one can help pay for therapy!

I now return you to your own crazy

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