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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I know it's's only August...

But hey....gotta get going if the party is gonna happen. What party you ask? Why Halloween of course!! Love it. I've been doing this holiday my way for years. It all started out so innocently. A few kids, a few treats, some games. Eventually adding a front lawn cemetary and more creepy foods to eat was just natural progression. With each passing Halloween, my parties have grown larger and my creativity has soared to new heights!

The last 7 years or so I have been hosting what has now come to be a staple in my home every Halloween. At one point I opened it up to the neighborhood for a couple of years only to be amazed at how as many 300 or more stopped by and loved it! The world had spread like wildfire and everyone wanted to see! Unreal! And even though my sons are all but grown, they still insist on the party and are willing to help create our haunted house and fabulous party.
So while it is only August, October is right around the corner and the work must begin. It takes nearly 2 months to prepare and execute this event. I begin by converting an outside area of my home into a "house" of sorts (if you need ideas on how, ask me!). This is just the beggining of the bash! All guests are required to enter through this haunted house in order to enter the party. It adds the element of trick before treat and everyone loves it!! And the party?? Well that rocks!

Once inside, my guests are treated to all kinds of goodies they simply can't believe. The music, the lights, the smoke, the creepy, creepy foods (I need more ideas) all make for the best Halloween magic! Some of my guests have actually been to afraid to eat some of the foods I serve until someone else tells them how yummy it is!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, I need be a busy little bee. And while I have all kinds of goodies to incorporate this year, I would love to see if anyone has some fresh ideas out there. Anyone?? Hope to hear from ya'll....and muuuhahahahahahaha

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is crazy...

As I go about my day and help out one of my son's with his laundry, I find myself thinking just how crazy life is. One moment your children are small and life is chaotic. The next thing you know, life is still chaotic but now your son's jeans are larger than you are. What the heck? I remember well the day this child was born. He was pre-mature and fit in the palm of my hand. Matter of fact, his arm was as small as my thumb! His first clothes were purchased at Toys R Us and were Cabage Patch Doll clothes!! Nothing else fit!

And now??? Holy cow! This boy is now a man and he is a large man! I never, ever imagined it. Actually, I never gave it any thought. At 19, he is 6' and 220 lbs or so! Crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy. Some days I think it's the extra attention he got as a baby. All the extra nurioushment it took to insure his survival. My goodness, what madness in those days! How very litte he was. How much he needed. Then my brain says..."Pssstttt, hey! Remember? MOST of the men on my side are tall, tall, tall! Dad's not exactly short either and I go DUHHHHHHHH!! But still, how did he get SOOOOO big, so quick????

Going back to my chores, I am still and always amazed at life.....and so....back to doing his laundry I go....

As my mind continues to ramble...........

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tracking Fay Crazies

NEWS ALERT!!!! Tropical Storm Fay approachs South Florida! Read all about it! Read all about it!! Crazy weather, crazies everywhere! As a South Floridian I am used to hurricane season and all that it brings...but people watching during theses storms is as interesting as keeping an eye on the system itself!

As per usual, local channels are flooded with reports of the storm but one of the wildest report is the one of the surfers out at Haulover Beach! I can almost hear the surfers "Awesome waves dude!" The swells are excellent and more surfers arrive. Then more reports from the beach. The surf is gettting rougher and it's become time to close the beach. Get all the surfers out of the waters. Cut. Next story. NOW, back to the beach and a handful of surfers are still in the water but are now racing to get OUT. Crazzzzzzzyyyyy! Seems Fay's feeder bands are now too strong to surf in at all....still some surfers linger..hoping....

Flipping the channels, it is being reported that at Fort Lauderdale Beach some folks are still trying out the surf and then some! Seems one guy thought it would be really, really good weather for KITE surfing. Boy, was he wrong! A sudden gust of wind picked him up and slammed him all the way accross the street into a building! A-yup. You read it right. THUD! Right into the side of a building. Luckily "Fay" was just warning him. He's injuries were minor as he reportedly told paramedics he was ok while being transported to the hospital anyway. Coo-koo! Coo-koo!

Then there is the madness that extends beyond the beach into the suburbs of South Florida. As I set out to run an errand before the day deteriorates, I notice an obviously homeless man by the side of the road. He is shirtless, dirty and looks totally demented. He is camped out and taking shelter from the rain under a beach umbrella. All his worldly possessions in a shopping cart. He is totally out of place in this area! Hmmmmm...anyone tell him Fay is on it's way????

And it gets even nuttier. People scurry around like mice in a maze racing to gather supplies in case the storm does damage. Gathering what??? As a long time resident, I think it rather crazy not to be prepared! How can you not be! With a few simple rules I keep my insanity at a minimum during these storms. I stock and rotate water, powdered milk, instant coffee, canned goods, meds and whatever else is necessary to survive as a part of my regular grocery shopping routine. I have collected candles over the years with each passing storm and batteries are always in the drawers. Portable radios, first aid kits and generators should be staples in every South Florida home! The only thing left to do is insure a full tank of gas in the car. Not so hard! Not so necessary to break the bank and your budget. And a great way to stay out of the insane asylum at these times!

Finally, after what turns out to be a very long day of news watching and storm tracking, we are still tracking Fay and her path is not quite clear. She is doing this and she is doing that. With chances of strengthing and tornado activity threatening out night, Fay is for sure one of the craziest storms I've seen in a while.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer time is driving me bonkers already!!!!

Ahhhh sunny, so beachy hot, rainy days and school breaks! What a way to go completely bananas as I am torn between wanting to play and having to work. It's not fair I say! I don't even have time to feel's totally insane!

I wait...I NEED my peace and quiet at least for 5 minutes a day or I am one cranky contender. Nothing drives me nuttier than the inablitiy to hear the madness in my head! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the company of my teenagers and their friends. [Goodness, my food bill should have the grocers rolling out the red carpet for me!] But some days, I just want my money and my house back! Especially the money! Boy oh boy, is it me or does it cost an arm, a leg and your first born to feed growing kids these days???????

So as back to school quickly approaches, I am grateful for the memories but I sure will be happy with the extra time to I can stay out of the looney bin. Thanks for your attention and please, share your madness with me...