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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do people seriously believe they can get things for practically free?

Seriously folks, I am a bargain hunter and seller,but some people border on the ridiculous for what they will bid on a item. They really think they can get something that is worth $100 or more for like $10???? In what world?

I put out some pretty serious bargains that not only save time, gas and money, but are also QUALITY! And still, it seems as though some bidders might just bid to bid knowing they have no intention of following through. As I say this, I can almost hear some of you saying, yah...but it gets the auction going and so it does but what doesn't happen is a realistic bid on the item.
I mean think about it, if I am telling you in my posting the approximate retail value of a lot where all items are NWOT/NWT and THEN I tell you that my SMALL reserve is less than half, would it not stand to reason a .99 bid is not going to suffice on a bid worth $100.00??

Drives me crazy. Makes me wonder if with E-bay taking half the profits I make this is all worth it. Buyers MUST think there is alot of profit margain on something that is worth lots and they get for pennies. I don't understand.
Anyone else?

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