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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Security Camera Madness!!!!!!

Ladies...Here is a MUST KNOW about dressing rooms and store security cameras! Ever visit a "Dots" Clothing Store or Kohl's. And before you ask which location? Let me answer...ANY! If you have and if you have ever used their dressing rooms then you unwittingly have been filmed and/or have been watched through their security system! And half naked at that!!

SAY WHAT???? Yes! Yes! Yes! LOOK UP the next time you decide to use their dressing room!

See the camera?? Yup...if you can see it....then surely they can see you. FOOD for THOUGHT eh? From just about any (if not all) of their dressing rooms the security cameras are placed in areas where the dressing room is visible to them.

My most recent visit to them not only quickly reminded me about how unacceptable that is but also about how many women have probably never noticed. And most importantly, it made me wonder HOW can this MADNESS be?????? How can they get away with this??

But wait it gets better!! Seems either they can get away with it or no one is complaining. Otherwise why would this continue so blatantly?? Anyone?

Makes me wonder what goes on at those security meetings I am sure they must be having. Is the joke on us?? So please, please be advised Ladies...someone may be watching you as you innocently try on your purchases.

Now that I've ranted and raged, all I have to say is SHAME on DOTS! Shame on KOHL'S!!! My next move??? Calling Corporate...cause this isn't your average security system!

Stay tuned for an update on an issue that is making absolutely cookoo!!!

And by the way....isn't this illegal???

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the go mad.... it's not crazy enough that we start Christmas in July!!! Incredibly retail has already begun displaying their Valentine's Day merchandise! REALLY?? OMG! Am I the only one who thinks this is insane??

Don't they know it's only December 20th and that not only has Christmas NOT ARRIVED, but people are stressed to the max, tapped out to infinity and beyond a budget to remind us there will soon be more money to spend???

And so it goes....HO! HO! HO! Tis the season to go mad...

Mega Crazzzzzzzzzyyyyy

Huh? Mega store but no Mega shopping cart supply? A-yup. Marshall's. Mega store, NO MEGA shopping cart supply. Ahhhh, lets see, huge store? CHECK! good prices? CHECK!, great variety? CHECK!! Shopping carts?? Whoops..seems they MEGA forgot to provide enough per store....

I know this because no matter which Marshall's I visit, no matter the location, there always seems to be a shortage of the very essential and NECESSARY shopping cart. However and amazingly enough lots of the carts are usually taken by the store employees for stocking or restocking merchandise and they aren't always willing to put the customer first and hand them over as my tale will tell...

I arrive at Marshall's and of course, find no carts anywhere in sight. "Ok." I tell myself. "Deal with it" and hold things as best as you can." But as I make my way towards the rear of the store...low and behold a cart! And while it has some items in it, it seems abandoned. I know...I'll check out the surrounding aisle and ask anyone I see if it belongs to them. No one in any aisle, no one claiming the cart and finally after about 5 minutes or more, I gingerly claim the cart...BINGO! and proceed to empty out the items placing them neatly side by side and I stroll off with my cart. Yeeepeee! 10 minutes or so pass. I am a happy camper.

All of a sudden, directly behind me, I hear a female employee yell out very loudly "Hey! you! You with the cart!!" I look and much to my astonishment respond. "Me?", while thinking to myself, surely, it must be a mistake. But wasn't. She was now in my face and yelling... "Yes, you! You took my cart!". "What? I did no such thing, this cart was abandoned for over 5 minutes! I made sure!" Her response????? "Well, that is not my problem, I was up at the front desk busy, that is MY cart and you are going to return it to me now!!? "What? You're kidding right? I'm the customer, the reason you have a job. How am I suppose to carry my purchases around? There are no other carts anywhere." To which she replied "Well then, I guess you are going to have to do what I would have to do. GO OUT to the parking lot and retrieve one yourself!" And with that she snatched the cart from me and walked away cussing me out loudly in front of the other customers.

Now I could on and continue my tale of craziness and bore you with more details or I can just end it here by simply adding that yes, I did complain and yes, she was reprimanded..but it really doesn't matter because if you shop Marshall's like I do then you already know that the madness continues as they still have a MEGA problem with shopping carts...

Monday, December 13, 2010

I've decided to share my madness...

Hello family and friends! Welcome! Welcome to my crazy ranting! Some of you may not know this about me, but writing has been a lifelong passion. And while it has been a bit since I have taken the time to rage...I still hope you enjoy the caverns of my mind...and please feel free to leave your comments...I do so love those...