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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anyone else thinks it sucks when...

you go out to dinner for the service more than for the food and the service ends up sucking? I do. This got me thinking that if I could get some feedback on this subject. Especially since tonight turned out to be one of those "server sucked royally" nights. Seems the very popular "Chili's" chain out did their regular bad service this evening by offering even worst service served by one very rude waiter. Please let me explain.

Service started out bad so I guess it could not have gone any other way. It started when the server saw it fit to snatch the menu out of my son's hand before he was done with his order. It was followed by food that was brought out slowly, coldly and in intervals so that we were unable to begin our meal at the same time. Looking for the waiter to help didn't work out too well either as it seemed once he took our order we were "out of sight and out of mind". Finally finished with our "less than good" food, we catch him long enough to ask for the check only to watch him dash off to take care of the newer customers for the next 15 minutes or so. Still we wait. But after 20 minutes of "patience" we ask another server to please remind him. Nothing. Not a thing. Not even a sighting of our server! Ok. We know, we'll find him. We do and once again, my son asks him to bring the bill. Another 5 minutes or more. Nothing! Again. But then he finally reappears near enough to our table that I am able to ask for the bill AGAIN. His response? "Did you ask for the bill or him (looking at my son)?" "Are you kidding?" What difference does it make?" At this point, I mention to him that I was about to get the manager to which his response was "Go ahead. You want me to get him?" The nerve. That's it. I let him have it. I told him about how rude he had been and how bad his service had been. To which he had very little response other than "Ok. Should I call my manager?

"Ha! No. No, of course not. Can you just get me my change so I can leave? and with that he did and I did something I've never done....NO TIP! Maybe next time he won't be so rude and aim for better service. But from what I can tell from my last few "Chili's" visits, that isn't going to happen any time soon. Bad service with a bad attitude seems to be a motto for this chain. There seems to be an attitude of "ohhh well" in the air with their managers and servers. One thing I do know though is that I won't be back anytime soon to any of their locations. What ya'll think and this and other bad service?

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