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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drives me crazy

There are some things that drive me crazy! Things like nasty public restrooms, especially in really nice places, rudeness, speed traps come to mind at the moment...

But let me just start with nasty public restrooms. Particularily in restaurants. And I don't mean just my local restaurants either. I spend a lot of time and money eating out, sometimes in different cities and states. Happens to be one of my favorite things to do. I love to be waited on, served and then the best part, I don't have to clean up a thing. So when I go out to wine and dine, I do a lot of observing about the place, it's staff, service, cleaniness and most important of all, the restroom. I think a restaurant can be measured not only by the way they treat their clientele but also by the way they keep the restroom. Let's face it folks, if the restroom is nasty, imagine the kitchen? I have been in many a place where you obviously don't have to visit the restroom to know it can't be good in the kitchen. Especially if you have ever had the occassion to observe how some of the servers DO NOT wash their hands after they use the facilities!!! These are the places, I've either walked out of before I sit down to order or given no choice because I have already been served or have eaten (gag), I stick it out but clearly make a mental note not to return. Then there are the places you figure, the restroom won't be a surprise, but oh my goodness! you were wrong. The place looks like a million, the servers treat you like royalty, the foods seems to be tasty and then you go to the restroom only to be disappointed once again by it's condition or lack of. THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY! Grosses me out.

I can honestly say that in all my years of eating out, there aren't many restuarants whose restrooms standards are very, very, very poor and very, very scary if you ask me. Someone is not doing their job for sure. I think the health department needs to take a closer look at some of these restrooms and their condition.

On the other hand, I will say that there are some restaurants (very few) that strive for excellence even in the restroom! Bravo! I wish there were more of them, don't you?

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