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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sleeping Crazy...

When I think of sleeping, I think of a bed.  Comfort and safety also come to mind.  And while I know not everyone gets to sleep on a bed, there are some places that just never occured to me.
 But as with such things in life, I learn something new everyday!

Recently while out for a stroll along the beach, I noticed a tree with items of clothing hung from its branches, shoes scattered about and towels spread on the ground.  At first, I thought perhaps someone placed them out to dry and simply forgot them.  However, as I got closer to the tree, it became apparent it was inhabited by someone sound asleep!!
 Even worse was the approaching lighting storm that was on it's way.  Doesn't this person know the danger of being under a tree in these conditions much less UP in the tree??

If you look carefully at this picture you will see a person wrapped in a white sheet sleeping up in the tree!
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 Wild as it may seems, I believe someone found a way to stay out of site while catching some z's!  I can't help but wonder if the storm ever shoke them from their slumbered sleep?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy nasty rest rooms...

Nothing drives me crazier than a dirty restaurant restroom!  Slowly but surely over the years it has become a pet peeve.  A nasty restroom is sure to make me turn and run right out the door!

In my opinion, if a restaurant's restroom is filthy than surely the kitchen follows and chances are employees do not wash their hands.  I mean seriously, if they haven't had the time or initiative to clean up this very public and much used room what can I expect behind the scenes?

While I realize there are times when restaurants become overwhelmed by a sudden surge of customers, unexpected large parties or a shortage of employees it is never acceptable to ignore restroom cleanliness.  Yet many do.  This always boggles my mind.  With so many communicable diseases why would any place of business risk spreading this to it's customers?  Not to mention grossing some out to the point of killing an appetite!

Take last night for instance, friends, hubby and I decided on dinner at a much frequented and very busy Miami Beach hot spot on Lincoln Road .  A place where hundreds eat daily and one visited by us a couple of times before.  This time however, would be my last.  Not that I hadn't noticed their lack of hygiene on previous visits.  I was just hoping it was a cause and effect thing.  However, it turns out getting though my meal without vomiting would be part of  this evening.  Especially since, getting up and leaving was not an option!

My first clue came in the form of the over all smell of the restaurant.  It smelled like a giant garbage can!  Another came as I passed the kitchen tucked away next to the restroom.  The mess from the door seemed a sure sign that attention to proper food preparation was not happening.  For my sake, I tried really hard not to look but it was impossible not to wonder what it must be like in there. It almost made me afraid to go to the restroom.  And sure to almost confirm my worst fear...and my theory...

The restroom did NOT help.  It was the most disgusting, foul smelling, nasty pee pee room ever. And I do mean pee pee!  It and the smell of it everywhere but mixed in with the smell of trash.  Used toilet paper all over the floor, no soap in the dispenser.  It looked like a war zone.  Truly a big nasty mess and definitely a topic of conversation at our table.

So you say?  You've seen that before.  So have I.  Only when it's the standard, I refuse to be fed.

In this instance, the more I looked around, the more uneasy I became about eating here.  The odor of garbage crawling up and staying in my nose did nothing to help.  Then there were the counters that looked liked they haven't been properly wiped down in weeks.  And things that were being wiped down were being done so with the same rag over and over again.  Floors so greasy, women in heels had to hang on to make it across the room.  The floors were unswepted, napkins, straws, crumbs and much more scattered around.  It really made me wonder if anyone ever inspects this place. How was I suppose to eat my food?

So what you say?  Big deal.  Look, call me nuts if you like or maybe I'm just germ-a-phobic, but I'm willing to bet bugs are regulars after dark in places like this.   And while it is true that many restaurants might be just as dirty and bug ridden, they don't flaunt it.  Imagine is everything when I go out to dine!  Restaurants should keep in mind there are many of my kind.

Personally, I prefer a restaurant with clean bathrooms, the aroma of food in the air and a kitchen I can see.  How about you?