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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dinner is served. Please be seated....

Let the Monster Bash begin!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the party approaches and I have begun to prepare. I am decorating day and night, inside and out. Every spare moment in the day spent transforming my house away. I've posted pictures of what it's starting to look like around here!!
It's taken me years of collecting props and experimenting with many ideas to achieve this Monster Bash. Each new Halloween brings the excitement of making it all look different and new. Executing the entire event takes some planning and lots of energy but it always turns out to be a blast for my family and myself! I hope you enjoy my ideas. Please feel free to use some of these ideas at your own Halloween Spook-ta-cular!!!!!

Dinner for 4.

Begin my placing blood stained burlap fabric on table. Set table as creepy as you like for your headless dinner guests!

Spiders Alive!

Weave a web and add an oversized spider to any area in your home. Embellished with bats, lights and creepy music for hairy surprise!

I see you...

These eyes light up and have a mind of their own as they tell it as they see it!

Halloween Hello

Greet your guests with this very simple set up at any front door or place in any other appropriate area. The scary face in the mirror asks people to come in closer for a better look at them...until he nearly SCREAMS them to death!

Coming up next.......

Pictures of some realllllllll nasty looking but veryyyyy yummy tasting foods for the party...

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