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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer time is driving me bonkers already!!!!

Ahhhh sunny, so beachy hot, rainy days and school breaks! What a way to go completely bananas as I am torn between wanting to play and having to work. It's not fair I say! I don't even have time to feel's totally insane!

I wait...I NEED my peace and quiet at least for 5 minutes a day or I am one cranky contender. Nothing drives me nuttier than the inablitiy to hear the madness in my head! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the company of my teenagers and their friends. [Goodness, my food bill should have the grocers rolling out the red carpet for me!] But some days, I just want my money and my house back! Especially the money! Boy oh boy, is it me or does it cost an arm, a leg and your first born to feed growing kids these days???????

So as back to school quickly approaches, I am grateful for the memories but I sure will be happy with the extra time to I can stay out of the looney bin. Thanks for your attention and please, share your madness with me...

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