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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Truth be told...

I've been cooking and baking and baking and cooking now for a week! And while it's been crazy tiring by day's end, it's also been tons of fun. It's taken some experimenting, brave tasters and tossing of some bad batches but overall I have been able to adapt some of these recipes to get the results I wanted. Gross but yummy foods!!

And so....I've got cheesecake brains and hearts. I've got cookies that look like bloody witches fingers, decadent chocolate coffins and a kitty litter cake served up with a scoop if you've got the stomach to try this tasty treat!!

I've made a shrimp mold, a spinich dip monster hand and a cheese dip made into eyeballs that will have my guests staring them down and then some!! You'd think I was done by now but nope, there's more to cook up! I love to shock and thrill my family and friends while treating them all to deviliciously fun foods. So I'll cook and bake some more all in the name of a delightful and memorable time.

And so with my bash near and almost out of time even though my mind is racing with more ideas than I can execute, its time to get some rest!

Finally, I'll be taking pictures of all these goodies as soon as they have been proped and served up! In the meantime, here is a picture of my "Pumpkin gone Ugly" .... apparently decorating cakes is not my thing...

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