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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween foods that are as much treat as they are trick...

It's over! My annual Monster Bash has concluded...and as promised, here are pictures of just some of the tasty tricks my guests were treated too! Please know that I did not create these recipes, I just simply thought up new ways to serve them up for this holiday. Most of the serving ideas are mine with the exception of one or two, like the skelton filled with "intestines". I wish I had thought of that one but I didn't and I would love to give props to whoever did! However, I did elaborate on this idea by serving it up in a coffin, adding the snake and the sign!!
I hope my love of Halloween and these pictures inspire you as I have been inspired by others to try something new for your Halloween party!

This is nothing more than spinich dip served up in a hand mold and garnished with a gummy bat. Everything but the plate and spreaders are edible!!

This is a very tasty and quickly snapped up, shrimp mold recipe garnished with a gummy snake. It was gone before it hit the table! If you are short for time, you can do like I did by making this 2 days ahead, tightly wrapping and freezing. Thawing out will take a good couple of hours.


"Pumpkin spice" and "Dates" Quick bread mixes baked in mini pumpkin molds make for a nice alternative to the dinner bun and a boo-licious treat!

"Sewer Rat Delight" (this recipe and idea are all mine!!) These bone shaped, bite size treat were made with my usual meatloaf recipe and cut out with a cookie cutter, served up on a this cute platter and garnished with a gummy rat. These can be made a day ahead and reheated the day of your party.

"Aged Intestines" served up in this rubber corpse along with a gummy snake was the hit of the party! The sausages looked gory enough but were fantastic to eat if you dared!


My twist on cheesecake!! Goblin Hearts and Yummy Mummy Brains are easy to make and great to taste. The cheesecakes have been garnished with frozen cherries, strawberries, strawberry jam and gummy spiders. These can also be made and frozen up to 5 days ahead!!

Finally, while I served up a lot of other creepy, gross foods at my bash, these witches fingers are always the talk of the party and have come to be one of the foods my guests always ask about. My recipe is just one of a million out there for this treat but over time I have learned to tweak the cookie enough to make it my own!


Urban Princess said...

perfect... gory enough to be halloweeny yet delightfully scrumptuous and easy to do... :) thanks for posting! :) my mom's planning a halloween party and this could be alot of help... :)

MakingMoney said...

Love these easy to do ideas. I'm sure your guest enjoyed theses yummy scary treats.

Smita Srivastava said...

Such lovely creations !!! n Easy to make too ...

Do check out my halloween creations n other food art when time permits