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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I know it's's only August...

But hey....gotta get going if the party is gonna happen. What party you ask? Why Halloween of course!! Love it. I've been doing this holiday my way for years. It all started out so innocently. A few kids, a few treats, some games. Eventually adding a front lawn cemetary and more creepy foods to eat was just natural progression. With each passing Halloween, my parties have grown larger and my creativity has soared to new heights!

The last 7 years or so I have been hosting what has now come to be a staple in my home every Halloween. At one point I opened it up to the neighborhood for a couple of years only to be amazed at how as many 300 or more stopped by and loved it! The world had spread like wildfire and everyone wanted to see! Unreal! And even though my sons are all but grown, they still insist on the party and are willing to help create our haunted house and fabulous party.
So while it is only August, October is right around the corner and the work must begin. It takes nearly 2 months to prepare and execute this event. I begin by converting an outside area of my home into a "house" of sorts (if you need ideas on how, ask me!). This is just the beggining of the bash! All guests are required to enter through this haunted house in order to enter the party. It adds the element of trick before treat and everyone loves it!! And the party?? Well that rocks!

Once inside, my guests are treated to all kinds of goodies they simply can't believe. The music, the lights, the smoke, the creepy, creepy foods (I need more ideas) all make for the best Halloween magic! Some of my guests have actually been to afraid to eat some of the foods I serve until someone else tells them how yummy it is!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, I need be a busy little bee. And while I have all kinds of goodies to incorporate this year, I would love to see if anyone has some fresh ideas out there. Anyone?? Hope to hear from ya'll....and muuuhahahahahahaha


sun goddess said...

the brain thingy on the plate... what is it? by the way, THAT IS CLEVER... albeit a bit icky... :)

wow... hey, u might wanna think about putting a cart or something, like those in the love tunnel... only make it scary... :)

and my friends could use a little help from you when it comes to planning halloween parties... theirs are too much like typical college or highschool house parties... with skimpy costumes, ho hum shooters and all...

Ridiculous Shopper said...

Icky foods are the best for a Halloween party!! The recipe for the brain can be found just about anywhere online since it is a popular dish to serve. I love to gross people out.

I make two other things that make people shiver before they dare try it... "Kitty Litter Cake" (recipe also online) and Meatloaf rats!

Here's a couple of ideas for you...

This year I intend to make meatloaf bones and cats to serve on a platter that will host a talking rat about a foot long in the center of the platter.

Here's a new spin on jellos shots. Besides using hallowen molds to make jello shots in orange, green, red and black, I also put them into very large syringes and walk around asking who wants a shot?? People love it!

I have tons more ideas...and need more...someone!

Sandra said...

Wow, that brain looks so real! What the heck is it?

I have some memories from past haunted houses when I was a kid. They used olives for eyeballs and made us stick our hands in a bowl full of pasta in the dark. They told us it was worms.

Red gelatin or jello drizzled on a coconut, melon or pumpkin head might be fun. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

It's great that you still do this. I know our kids love going to houses that go all out.

Ridiculous Shopper said...

Hey Sandra! Thanks for the comment! The brain is easy. It's basically peach jello and evaporated milk. You can get the recipe online and purchase the mold at places like your local Halloween stores or discount department stores.

You an use the mold with other foods too. Lobster dip works pretty good. Lightly oil the mold before placing the dip in, once released, drizzle with hot sauce to create a blood like effect!! Serve with crackers and call it something clever!

The worm trick is a great one and one I have used but had forgotten about. Maybe it's time to re-introduce this one to the crowd!

Keep the comments coming....