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Monday, June 2, 2008

Home Depot Shipping Madness...

It's crazy I tell you. Absolutely nuts. I purchased a sink via special order for my guestbath from our local "Home Depot Expo Design" center. Everything went fairly smooth. My order placed strickly out of a catalog and some faith on my part as they had no sample. No problem-o. My order's pretty simple. A plain bowl. Bone color. Nothing fancy. Nothing "special" other than the order. I can deal with no visual. "Return policy please? "Why yes, 15% restocking charge." Hmmmm. Gotta get a sink, so...ok...done. Ordered.

Next question, "How long before I can get my sink?" "Ahh, 2 weeks." Whhhaat??? 2 weeks? I have no sink. Nothing. 2 weeks? I see. "Can I get it delivered to my home?" And the answer came..."Yes, for $35 and no guarantee for breakage, plus 2 weeks transit time." "What? What's the difference between shipping to me undamaged and shipping to your store undamaged? You won't believe your ears! "The difference is we have to pull it for you sooner." "HUHHH?" Ok. I'm not going to argue. It seems the clerk is in a hurry to get back to her chit chatting with co-workers. "Ahh, another question please. What if I get it overnighted to my house, what is the cost?" READY??? "$200 for UPS Ground Overnight $175 3-day" WHHHHAAAATTT??? Then this from the already very impatient clerk "Are you going to do it because I already (pointing out the order) printed it out!" "No, that is ridiculous. NO thanks, I will wait."

Worse still, a phone call to customer (Skip was his name) service at headquarters yielded little more than "I will speak to the clerk about this." TADA!! Bad service WITH more bad service.. so here I sit ...waiting for my sink...2 weeks from now. Absurd.


Anonymous said...

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Ridiculous Shopper said...

Great! I am not alone!